Utah Football 2024

I like this security pick up, but he was at Cal Poly for a reason. I won’t be at all surprised if he is not QB2 when the season starts.


College football Future Power Rankings: Offenses

archive.today snapshot of ESPN+ article

16. Utah Utes

2024 future QB power ranking: 14
2023 future offense power ranking: 15

Scouting the Utes: After ranking 13th nationally in scoring from 2018 to 2022, Utah’s offense backslid in points and production during an injury-marred 2023 season. The good news is quarterback Cameron Rising returns with a seemingly healthy knee after getting through spring practice with no setbacks. Rising led Utah to Pac-12 titles in 2021 and 2022 and will provide the offense with both passing and running ability, and tremendous understanding of coordinator Andy Ludwig’s scheme. The Utes lost Nate Johnson to Vanderbilt but brought back sophomore Brandon Rose and freshman Isaac Wilson, who will compete to back up Rising this season and replace him for the 2025 and 2026 seasons. Wyatt Becker, an ESPN 300 recruit in the 2025 class, is committed to Utah, which also just added former Washington and Cal Poly quarterback Sam Huard in the portal. Top rusher Ja’Quinden Jackson transferred to Arkansas but Utah brings back production in junior Jaylon Glover and senior Micah Bernard, who started 12 games from 2021 to 2022 before missing all but one contest last fall because of injury. Redshirt freshman Mike Mitchell and sophomore Dijon Stanley will play behind Bernard and Glover this fall but will factor into the 2025 and 2026 outlooks. Rising’s return is the big story, but tight end Brant Kuithe’s comeback from injury could be almost as valuable. Kuithe had 104 receptions and 16 touchdowns from 2019 to 2021. Junior Landen King and UCLA transfer Carsen Ryan provide additional options.

Utah returns two offensive line starters in sophomore tackle Spencer Fano and junior guard Michael Mokofisi, who can help sustain the group beyond 2024. Junior Jaren Kump has starting experience at center and could reclaim the job following Koli Faaiu’s transfer to Texas A&M. Senior Johnny Maea is another candidate to start after missing all but one game last season with injury. Junior Tanoa Togiai and redshirt freshman Caleb Lomu are both candidates to start in 2024 and will help solidify the line in future years. Junior tackle Zereoue Williams is another player coming off of an injury who could help for multiple seasons. Isaiah Garcia, ESPN’s No. 12 tackle and No. 114 overall recruit, headlined Utah’s 2024 class. Wide receiver’s should be more of a short-term strength as USC transfer Dorian Singer, who had 1,105 receiving yards on 66 receptions for Arizona in 2022, joins fellow seniors Money Parks, Mycah Pittman and Munir McClain. There’s also depth building with players like redshirt freshman Daidren Zipperer, Washington transfer Taeshaun Lyons and incoming freshman David Washington.


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That’s a more realistic preseason ranking than Joel Klatt having us at #6.

Don’t get me wrong - as talking heads go, Klatt is OK.

But sometimes I wonder if he’s hanging out with Bill Walton and / or Woody Harrelson.


If we stay healthy, Ive got no problem with #6 —perhaps just a tiny bit high. Avoiding key injuries is always the name of the game.



It’s a little high to be honest. I am a bit worried about the running game and secondary.

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It will be interesting to see how the D does in the B12. We saw plenty of quick offenses in the PAC that try to keep pressure off the QB with the short passing game, eg Wazzu. The B12 games on TV have frequently been track meets. On the outside, we have the CBs to contest throws their way. It would be fascinating to hear what Scalley has been cooking up. I’m sure he’s watched a lot of B12 games, is getting an early feel for how to deal with the B12 offenses.

As far as our run game, a big issue last year was lack of a strong passing threat to help keep opposing defenses from jamming the LOS. It’s really hard for an O-line to impose its will on a D-line, if they know what’s coming, or if the DC has a good idea of what won’t hurt him in the air game. The TE game does wonders for opening up a defense, then everything gets easier - the safeties are on their heels, the outside game opens up, the run game blossoms. I imagine we’ll be pretty quick on the QB drops, too.

At least we’re pretty solid on the front 7s on both sides of the ball. When you don’t have that, it gets miserable, quickly. The Duck was kind of fun and exciting, but it was a white flag that we couldn’t match up.


Fassel used to say that we wouldn’t line up and fight like men.

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100 days to college football: Top games, players, contenders

espn.com article

Ten first-time conference matchups

9. BYU at Utah, Nov. 9: The Holy War is back after a three-year hiatus and, as a conference game going forward, should be the most hotly contested rivalry in the new Big 12.

Ten first-time playoff teams

3. Utah: The Utes have a strong chance to win the Big 12 and earn an automatic bid as the champion of their new conference with the veteran leadership of quarterback Cam Rising and a team that is always well-coached and formidable up front.

Ten playoff bye contenders

6. Utah: The Utes will be counting on two players returning from serious knee injuries that forced them to miss all last season – quarterback Cam Rising and tight end Brant Kuithe. They also added some talented players in the portal. Coach Kyle Whittingham led Utah to Pac-12 championships in 2021 and 2022. Now it’s time to collect some hardware in the Big 12.

With 43 of 85 scholarships belonging to seniors and juniors, 2024 is the year that the Utes need to get to the CFP. The Utes will also need to sign a large recruiting class with 24 seniors, some juniors who will test NFL waters and transfer guys. I could easily see them need as many as 40 new guys.

If the Utes make the CFP does it make it more likely that Kyle retires? If so, will Andy also hang it up?

My advice to myself is enjoy 2024.

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I’m not even sure what this means these days. NIL transfers are the potential immediate impact guys, and actual recruits are increasingly unlikely to ever contribute before transferring out. Though that part is much worse at other schools.

I guess a silver lining of NIL is some athletes using more of their eligibility than they would otherwise.


I didn’t see this in the present thread. If I missed it, well, excuuuuse me!


Utah’s in a position to be selective in the portal… which is nice.


I include transfer portal guys in my use of recruiting class. Utah will have a lot of holes to fill next year, so I would expect a larger portal class (maybe 20 or so) and a similar number of high school recruits.


Arizona and Kansas St getting an “A” is interesting because, other than Utah, they are likely to be challengers to the title. Most of the non-challengers all got lower grades.

I haven’t read their rationale and analysis, but this one has Arizona much higher and ASU lower than any other transfer ratings I’ve seen. Makes you wonder if it was written by a U of A alum, lol.


Isn’t Utah getting an “A” also a bit interesting? That surprised me as I had heard of only one relatively high-profle transfer. Perhaps, these rankings are relative to others in the conference rather than CFB as a whole?

I also like that Iowa State and Tech are listed as N/A. I assume this means that they had no transfers. Does it also mean that they had no need for transfers? Or, do these schools not participate in the transfer portal?

Rankings like this one are just clickbait. Filler because we are in the ‘Tain’t Zone - because there ‘Tain’t ■■■■ going on at all right now, so let’s make some ■■■■ up.

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I understand what you are saying.
However, it was posted here, so does Utah deserve an A rating, in your opinion?

Yeah, it’s all clickbait, but it also entertaining stuff atm. It’s got us yammering about it. We do know that it means squat, but as you said we’re in the taint zone. So, have fun with it.

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