UTAH ESPN FPI and Efficiencies

I love stats and it’s pretty incredible to see Utah so high up in the offensive (Top 8) and defensive efficiencies (Top 5)!


ESPN CFP Top 25 show did a a blind test with three teams using FPI, SOS, W/L over top 25 teams, and several other stats. None of the three panel could pick one of the three that looked better; consensus was that all three looked the same. The teams were:

Alabama, Oregon, Utah


I’m telling all you doubters right now. If it comes down to a 12-1 Pac-12 Champion vs. an 11-1 Alabama team who had a weak schedule and didn’t even win their own DIVISION, let alone their own conference, that 12-1 Pac-12 Champion would get the nod. Especially if it is Utah because the committee wouldn’t be able to use the argument of Alabama beating an Auburn team who Oregon lost to against said champion in Utah’s case.


Yes and no, they said the 3 were extremely close, but at the end before they showed the teams they said that Utah was last of the 3.

My guess is that the panel was well aware of the FPI, etc of those teams already. It’s their job to follow college football.


I believe that was said after the three were shown.