Utah can accomplish something this year that they've yet to do as a member of the Pac-12

And no, I’m not talking about winning the conference championship for the first time. If they beat Colorado, they will have beaten all five of their divisional opponents in the same season for the first time ever. The closest they’ve been is 4-1, which they’ve done three times. They went 4-1 in 2019 (only loss @ USC), 4-1 in 2018 (only loss @ ASU), and 4-1 in 2016 (only loss @ Colorado). They’ve never gone 5-0 against the South. This year is also only the second time Utah has beaten all of UCLA, USC, and ASU in the same season (2016 is the other).

Wow, didn’t realize this. It’d be a nice feather in the cap if the team does by beating Colorad9.

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Gotta beat Phil Knight U this Saturday…and that is going to be no small feat. The team will have to play a much cleaner game than what we saw in Tuscum. We have to keep Thibodeaux from being the disruptive force he has been against other teams. As an added bonus, we win and we are in the CCG.

It would be great to reverse what used to be known as “Nowinber” to “Allwinber;” but next Saturday looms.



I watched some of the OU/WSU game. Oregon’s offense looked pretty dialed in, and crisp. Their defense looked strong as well. My guess our D will have to be on point, and disciplined to slow Oregon’s offense. I think our offense can move on Oregon’s defense. I’m not well versed in the inner workings of either side. Just a fan with some observations.