Utah basketball clearly has its issues, but I wouldn't trade them for ASU's

I read that earlier. Depending upon who’s supported, someone may be out of a job. I suspect it may be the AD out of a job if things aren’t corrected, just based upon the article. There are probably facts that we’re missing that don’t give us a complete picture.

Not to hijack this thread, but why do powerful men believe they can do that sort of stuff to women?


It’s part of the “don’t you know who I am” mind set.

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As bad as it seems at the U, with the yearly transfers, I don’t think I would want any other PAC program at the moment besides Oregon.

lol - every time I hear that phrase I think of Larry toe-tapper Craig in the Minneapolis airport trying to pull rank on the airport police by showing his Senate business card and throwing down that line.


Mr. Wide Stance.


In my life I’ve met quite a few men who, when it comes to their interactions with women, seem to come from an alien planet.


I’ve run into a few. I do remember one interaction where I was asked that question. My response was, “no, who are you and why should I care?” That didn’t go over too well with that person.