USU votes not to play

Came because of comments made by USU president.

What comments were made?

I do t know. Just that there were concerns about his religion (lds) and his cultural background (Polynesian) the article has some more detail, but not much.

Why is it not ok to have some concerns about his background?

That he’s Polynesian? I can think of more than a couple federal laws that implicated.


Religious cultural background? Also violates federal law.


Or what background are you talking about. Because the article implies the players took it as a race thing.

Cool. Still violates federal law tho.

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Setting aside whether such a thing is legal, expressing concern with someone being LDS and Polynesian in Logan, UT is an objectively dumb thing to say out loud.


Report: Aggies opt out of final game after USU president’s alleged disparaging remarks about coach Frank Maile |

Very true. You learn something new everyday. Disregard my previous posts.

Wow Swanton. You might want to rethink this question. Unbelievable.