Updated hoops roster

The biggest takeaway is Carlson being down 3 pounds. I very much doubt that he has been lazy this offseason. Maybe hes just a guy who has trouble keeping weight on (man, i wish i had that problem.)

Otherwise, here are changes from last year:
Timmy Allen- down 6
Jaxon Brenchley- up 6
Rylan Jones- up 4
Mikkael Jantunen- down 1
Riley Battin- down 4
Alfonso Plummer- up 7
Brendan Wenzel- up 12 (plus an inch!)
Lahat Thioune- up 25!!!

Good to see thiune put on some weight. Hope it’s good muscular weight.

Are we going with more small-ball? We have a lot of players at positions 1 and 2; a couple of them can probably play both 2/3. Our 2-guard position certainly has gotten bigger and more athletic, I think. Kellier looks to be an interesting talent – has a lot of physical tools. We’ll see.

We needed Carlson up 30 pounds. I sat behind his grandparents last year and even his grandfather said he hoped he could put on some weight.

Maybe Carlson should start eating a Jeep, like Klinger.


The biggest change: Rylan Jones grew a beard!

I didn’t think he could. :yum:

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Thioune looks like a different person in the pics posted online. If he didn’t lose any athleticism he might be a significant contributor up front this season.

That’s dead weight, unless he eats the engine.


Thioune at 240 lbs is interesting indeed!

I’m not so worried about Carlson. It would be nice for him to add 15 lbs but heft is not critical to his game so long as we have 1 big that can handle hefty guys in the paint. Hopefully Thioune is that guy.

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And Luc Krystkowiak’s hair is significantly less big.

This is a positive post about the ute hoops team with no digs at larry k…account hacked maybe? :slight_smile:


Pelle Larsson 1 inch shorter, but 10 lbs heavier than Timmy.

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Timmy has chosen quickness, ala Jordan Loveridge - hope his 3 game has come along.

If Lahat hasn’t lost too much vertical quickness, he could be really intriguing. If this is muscle, it demonstrates serious work ethic. Defensively we could be pretty good inside, with he & Carlson.

I’ve heard Martinez is raw, but promising.

Pelle, Kellier, Wenzel - show us what you’re made of!

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