Update on Busy Bee. Take it what it's worth

One of my tenants reported to me that Ty Burrell and his partner bought the Busy Bee. Plan is to keep the menu etc Not sure how accurate the information is but since they bought the cotton bottom I suspect it’s accurate off to look for some moose to photograph

Is the iconic Cotton Bottom sign being lit up each night?

Last I heard it was being refurbished so I can be lit up again

It’s been done for a few weeks

Yes it is back up - actually interesting but a law had to be changed so they could preserve it. I can’t remember the exact details but for old historic signs like that you couldn’t remove them and they needed to be restored in place, so a lot of historic signs disappeared because it was cost prohibitive to restore it that way. They got the law changed so they could remove it, refurbish it, and then put it back.

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