Understanding 'Trust Levels' on the new board

One of the things that is cool about this new system, I think, is that it has ‘Trust Levels’ that are earned as you begin to use the board. What this accomplishes is it tamps down the bots, spam and trolls and also encourages not only participation but the reading of other people’s topics and posts. As your trust level increases, so do the things that you are able to do on this board. For example, you can’t boardmail anyone when you first join the board, and until you get to the first trust level.

So the next question is likely, what do I need to do to increase my trust level - all new subscribers (except the first 50 here) start at level zero:

Level One - to get to this level you need to read 5 topics and 20 posts and spend at least 10 minutes on the board - not a big deal - After that you can post images and links and send boardmails.

Level Two - Enter (that means go into) 20 topics and read 100 posts and be a member of the board for 10 days. You also need to get one like, give one like, reply to three topics. Then you can do things like create wikis, access other parts of the board etc.

Level Three - more of the same

Level Four - Become a moderator etc.

We hope that keeps things fun, gives a little incentive to be a solid contributor on the board and keeps down the unwanted garbage that happens here.

Hope that makes sense.


We need staining badges???

JK :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, badges are kinda cheezy - but I’ve long thought that I missed a real opportunity not turning red stars into a cryptocurrency, because WOW did some people assign value to them. :wink:


Still remember the sting of my first blue star.

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Oh my gawd! Y U no trust us!
But for real, that’s a pretty smart idea.


Here is my obligatory reply to help build my trust level on the new site. :roll_eyes:


Have you SEEN us?


Yeah I was going to say that people should be worried about my judgment if I came in just trusting you guys. :wink:

Just so everyone knows, at the first trust level you have all the posting and reading ability of a donor at the old UF.N, you just work you way up to more privileges like being able to edit and moderate and stuff like that. So no real need to make obligatory posts, just read a few posts and spend more than 10 minutes here and you’ll get boardmail etc. The intent is to contain spam and trolls. The other stuff is just to reward solid contributions and help the board self-police a bit.

I was a bit reluctant about that system at first but seeing how it works (it exists on other board I participate in) really does make for a healthier community.


Yes, this did leave me wondering how I cashed out my red stars. I mean, where is the catalog? I need a new toaster.


Good news - all red stars as transferrable to Dogecoin - 10,000,000 red stars = 1 dogecoin


Yes sir! I retract my previous statement :joy:

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Bunny badges…nom nom.

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How do I tell which topics have new posts?

A few different ways

  1. you can click on the new tab to see whatever is new
  2. The latest tab is sorted by newest to oldest as well - meaning any topic that has had a new post on it will get moved to the top of the list
  3. ‘Read’ posts will have a grey lettering, ‘unread’ will have black
  4. If you’ve read a topic but not participated it will have a red dot next to it
  5. If you have participated in a topic it will have a big red dot with a number in it (which also shows up on your icon on the top right)

How many Schrute bucks would it take to get to level one?

Thanks for the explanation. I had no idea all of these changes were taking place. Looks like a good plan to me.

You forgot to mention n how many down votes you need to do these.