UGH! TDS game is on BYUTV

I must get 1000 channels. BYUTV is not one of them.

What? Who gets that channel? Why would it be on that channel?

Edit: I just went to their website…it looks like you might be able to streatm BYUtv without a subscription?

Channel 11 on the Wasatch Front

Also ■■■■ that means McCann is on the call and he is worse than wrubell.

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How is this happening? Better said, WHY is this happening? It’s just weird.

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Lol. Weird year for sure. No spots available on the sports networks with football still going on.

The ‘good’ news is that we will have Blaine Fowler on color. In some ways, I enjoy his child-like wonderment at every single play, as though each game is the first one he has ever seen. Or maybe its really annoying.

Dave McCann is, as ironman noted, an insufferable homer.

Here is to hoping we win by 20+!

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Yeah, Blaine Fowler is actually really good and the exact opposite of that is McCann. He is as insufferable as Wrubbel.

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Can stream the game for free on the byutv web site, but you must create an account so they can harvest your personal info. Don’t use the name Walter Heisenberg. It’s taken. :crazy_face:

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