Tyler Huntley or Alex Smith?

Just asking the question.


Tyler is a good player, but he still has issues getting through is progressions.

That said, the O line Alex had wasn’t seeing P5 to NFL talent every week.

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Alex. It’s a no brainer. (I would love to see Alex with our current talent)

That being said it’s been fun to watch Tyler develop.


Agreed. The progress he’s shown is really gratifying. Ludwig deserves a lot of the credit, but Tyler’s a warrior in both preparation and execution.


One was the number 1 pick in the NFL draft and has been in the NFL for 14 seasons with over 34,000 yards.

The other isn’t projected in the top ten QBs for the upcoming draft.

Nothing against Huntley, Alex is in another league…literally and figuratively


Alex Smith is probably the greatest Ute of all time.

Who spiked your kool aid?


Calm down. I was just inviting comparisons. Go make another mixtape.

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I straight up LOVE Huntley…
BUT… he reminds me a lot more of Brian Johnson than Alex Smith.
Still hella good, Just that Alex is a once in a generation type QB for a defensive/running team like Utah


Here’s an odd answer. For me it depends on the Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator. I think Alex had more talent overall (comparing Alex’s Junior to Tyler’s Senior years), but I like Tyler more in current system. I don’t see Alex extending plays as much or as well as Tyler does with this team (which I see as a necessity with the current team), nor do I see Tyler running Urban’s offense quite as efficiently as Alex.

I don’t quite remember, but I think Tyler also has the stronger arm and has become far more accurate on the deep ball than Alex. While Alex had better timing and placement on the short/intermediate routes.


Much more consistent than Johnson.

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Part of the reason Huntley isn’t projected highly because of his size. Outside of maybe Tua, the top QB’s are bigger than Tyler. Love is projected we’ll above Huntley, and can anybody honestly say he’s been a better quarterback? College success doesn’t always translate to the pros, whether it be size or the system. Just ask Eric Crouch or Charlie Ward.

Everybody scoffing at the question, but I think we may be severely devaluing Huntley. Smith was blessed with the perfect system for his skillset, and a much weaker conference. Granted, he didn’t have the level of talent supporting him that Huntley has, but Tyler has distributed the ball about as well as a QB can, and opens things up even more for Moss.

Maybe Huntley doesn’t go through his progressions as well as Smith (according to one poster), although I’m not convinced that’s necessarily true, but he has an ability to make plays with his feet that Alex simply could not make. Smith is an underrated runner, but Huntley escapes collapsed pockets with ease and breaks arm tackles constantly, all while keeping his eyes downfield. I’m not saying he’s better than Smith, but I think it’s much closer than most believe.

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I think this right. Smith didn’t have to face as tough of competition, and worked with one of the greatest CFB coaches of all time.

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