TV Times Announced

Utah/Oregon goes on a 6-day hold pending the result of WSU/OU this Saturday. The good news is that the only open time slots are 1:30, 2:00 or 5:30.

Also Colorado will be 2:00 on the Friday after Thanksgiving on Big Fox.

Thank God no more 8:00 games.

Amen to that.


Do we know the if/thens? Last time it was something like, if UCLA wins, we get X time on Y station and if Ore St. wins, … I guess no big deal and we’ll find out either aft or evening soon enough, but just interested.

Haven’t seen that but I believe the options are ABC or Fox.

Please be ABC. Don’t care about the time if it’s ABC. Fox has been awful (both big fox and fs1). ABC brings a decent team and tech.


Unusual that we know the time of the game almost 3 weeks out but not next week’s game.

At least it appears we’ve had the last of getting home close past midnight for this season.

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probably because Utah/CU is on Friday after Thanksgiving so there aren’t a lot of games, limiting options.

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The networks have a limited number of options known as 6-day holds where they wait for the outcome of a game before they announce the time of a game on the next weekend. For example, Utah/UCLA was on a 6-day hold pending the outcome of UCLA/Oregon the week before. Had UCLA won the game would have been on either ABC 1:30 or Fox at 5:30. As soon as UCLA lost we were banished to the 8:00 ESPN game.

Same thing here. ABC & Fox want to know who is in the lead of the North before they schedule UU/OU. Wazzu wins this week and they and Oregon are tied with WSU having the tiebreaker. Makes UU/OU a different animal if OU loses.

And yes, DataUte is correct. The PAC-12 only had 2 time slots on the Friday after Thanksgiving, either 2:00 on Big Fox or 5:30 (IIRC) on FS1.

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I vote for 5:30


Actually, Fox has been broadcasting their games in 4k, while ESPN/ABC has barely been broadcasting in HD.

Now, Tim Brando as the announcer is no bueno.

Damned straight, those late games are murder back East.

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Yeah, more a ding on the play-by-play and color folks. They have been bad (pac12 awful too of course). Big Fox also does some weird graphics like we are watching anime. I don’t have 4k, so HD is fine :slight_smile: . The 3 cameras FS1 had at Stanford was the worst I’ve seen I think ever.

Thanks to some detective work by J-Dart (@jdartute on twitter, a good follow, BTW) here are the times available for the Utah/Oregon game. It looks like Fox has the first pick.

2:00 pm on Fox OR 5:30 pm on ABC if Oregon beats Washington State
5:30 pm on ESPN or ESPN2 if Wazzu beats OU.