Turning Off Categories

One of the first things that people will want to do is to turn off a category that they don’t want to hear about. Here is how you do it:

  1. At the top in the middle is a link called ‘Categories’ click on that and it will give you a list of all categories available to you.

  2. Click on the category that you want to turn off (on this you ‘mute’ a category)

  3. At the top right you will see a little grey box with a circle in it, click on that and a list will appear.

  4. Scroll down and select “Muted” and that category will no longer show up in the latest or new feeds, and you won’t bet any notification about it.

I thought I did all this but can still see the category. Is there a way to just make a category go away and not show up at all?

You’re done with breakfast cereal discussion?

I hate pro sports, especially the Jazz

Yes, go to the category you don’t want to see at all (easiest way is to click on the category in the title of a thread.) Go to the bell on the right hand corner and select muted and it will disappear. You can still seek out the category if you want, and if you participate it will unmute that topic for you.