“Trusting the Brand”

That was the term Kirk Herbstreit just used to support his opinion that an totally unknown Utah will beat USC tonight. And he wasn’t alone in the opinion. The Gameday guys all believe that we’re ok because of Whit. Regardless of what happens, did any other old time Utes like me ever think you’d hear that kind of national confidence in what we do here? It gave me chills.

Even though it’s nice that they think that way, I kind of wish they would keep disrespecting us.

I really look back fondly of Barry Switzer’s comments about us before we went out and whipped Bama.

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True, it was fun watching him eat crow at halftime. Since I was at the game I didn’t see that until we got home. Later my DVR failed and I lost that recording. I miss that one.

I still chuckle at the memory of of Mark May eating “crow” (actually a bucket of KFC) at halftime of the Fiesta Bowl.


Not me man. Sewell’s, Phillips III, Calvert’s don’t want to play for underdogs. They want to be the favorite.

I’d rather be the big boy any day of the week. Make me the favorite and give me the extra resources that come with being the top dog and let me go to work.

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USC has been awful, pulling off 2 last minute wins.