Trojans at 2


Horrid start but they’ve climbed right back in it with 6 left in the half. Martinez with some good minutes. 24-23 USC now.

USC turning it over like crazy to let us back in it.

Pelle with a great steal, and Jantunen looked like Alex Jensen when he dived for that bounce pass.

Plummer got pulled early for playing awful defense.

I wish they sold stock in “Utah will go through a painful, 7 minute dry spell in the middle of the 2nd half”.

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Can’t be home today. An occasional score update would be sweet

46-41, USC with 8 minutes to go

51-41, USC with 7 to go.

53-41, USC with 5 to go. Utah is 3-24 from the field so far in the second half.

57-46, USC with 3 to go.

Final 64-46. Utes are now 0-3 in resume games.

Down twelve with 12 more shots taken than USC. Can’t hit Jack. Ugh.

Missing 44 shots is not a recipe for winning.

This has got to be Larry’s last season. I don’t have any optimism that the next guy will do any better though. We just aren’t a basketball school anymore.

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Thanks fellas.

x how ever many years Larry has been here. I’ve been in the give Larry a chance camp for a lot of years and I’m done. This was supposed to be the ‘no excuses’ year.


Not replacing him now would just be admitting that we really don’t care about basketball anymore.


That was the first game I’ve watched this year. I won’t draw any conclusions based on one game. All I can say is meh, and I remember why I haven’t watched more.

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Hill put us in a real pickle by signing him to an eight year deal through 2023, although I don’t know what the buyout looks like.

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Why when watching this team I keep hearing Utah Jazz echoes of “Benoit for three?”

I cannot confirm this, but I heard from a pretty reliable source something that seems plausible. Reportedly Jon Huntsman insisted on the new, long contract for Larry and even bankrolled the early years of the contract in some form. This was right after the one truly successful season Larry had, when the Utes reached the Sweet 16.

Again, I don’t know if it’s true, but it at least adds an element of explanation to an otherwise inexplicable decision.

I apply the Ron McBride test: Is there any reason to believe that things will change for the better? Ronnie, as much as we all loved him, did get to that point, and he was let go. I think we are now at that point with LK.

I’ve also heard from others that because of @LAUte’s story regarding Huntsman that Chris Hill had also socked away money for the buyout should it become necessary. Given budget shortfalls courtesy of Covid, I don’t know if that still exists, but it is time.

If the buyout is $7million, it’s a really bad time for a buyout.

No doubt. The question is, how much long-term damage will another sub-par year inflict on the program? Does that damage justify coming up with $7 million under the circumstances? My guess is the answer is no. But another factor to consider is, how motivated will Larry be next year if he knows he is a fired coach walking?

I honestly don’t know if any more damage can be done. Utah has not been consistently good at basketball since 2004 and before. That means basically every kid they are recruiting has no memory of that time, and so just like BYU’s ‘storied’ football past, that is irrelevant to us today.

We are consistently bad and have enormous turnover… and not just the nobodies on the team, key players. I’m actually shocked Larry recruits as well as he does given this history. I believe there is some talent potential on this team, let’s get a coach in who can take advantage of that.

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