Tonight will be mom’s final Utah game

Well, she got to see it from the best seat there is. Sorry for your loss, she was there to cheer on the win.


This FB team has taken on a new meaning, they wore the special 22 helmets again last night.

Beyond our two fallen players, Ute FB nation is far, far bigger, this deeper meaning permeates the fan base, and the many who’ve been part of this big, special group, both now and before. For us on this board, your mom is part of that fabric, she took you to games when we were not-so-good.

As this theme carries forward, with the Moment of Loudness, I’m going to start remembering those who came before who were so part of all this, part of us, threads in the very cool thing that binds us, that is bigger than any of us.

We never knew her, but we know you. Almost nobody on this board knew my dad, or my grandpa (who was a hard, hard-core fan in 1926).

Your mom is part of this theme… and central to the much bigger, more immediate fabric in your family, of course.

Take care, brother. Thanks for sharing with us. It adds meaning.


I happened to glance over at mom during the Moment of Loudness at the USC game. She was crying a little bit. I gave her a hug and she said “you might be yelling for me soon”. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but man that next Moment of Loudness is gonna be tough…

Thanks to everyone for all the support. I don’t know any of y’all in real life, but it truly means a lot to know that people care. :smile:


Side note: Anyone know where pictures can be submitted for possible inclusion in the Moment of Loudness video? I’d love to send one of mom at the Rose Bowl.


This is who I sent a picture to, I didn’t receive a response, but the picture of my Grandpa has been seen every Moment of Loudness.


You can tell by her smile and her eyes she must have been a loving and caring person! Sorry for your loss😔