Tonight we look like a church ball team

That’s all. We look awful. Like Larry’s first PAC-12 Utah teams.

There are going to be more games like that this season

Unfortunately, I think you are right. The Pac-12 looks good, and we do not. Gonna be a long season.

Yes, and unfortunately from a small rural ward! Or, if you’re speaking of PARA with which I’m more familiar (Parish Athletic Recreation Association), we are from the Green River Parish :frowning:

Seriously though, this is a very young team, and they likely highly overachieved that previous two games. Games like tonight are more like what I expected. I’ve constantly said, that I am giving Larry and staff two more years. If they are not playing a couple rounds into the NCAA by then, i’m dropping my season tickets after several decades.

In the interim, I’m going to try to not ■■■■■ too loudly, as frankly, early this year, this is what we should expect.

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Well, missions/missionaries was a major talking point from these “commentators”

Being a college hoopsfan is aggravating. At least you have a decent program.