Time to make the switch

I’m ready to cut over if you guys are. I’ll do it late tonight and migrate the regular domain utefans.net to this new server and reconfigure it to work with it. beta.utafans.net will redirect to utefans.net and the old site will switch to legacy.utefans.net - at some point I may disable commenting on that site, but there has been a suggestion that maybe that house the political bickering. Dunno for sure, but that kind of feels like taking an old heroic battleship and turning it into a garbage barge.

Moving a domain can take some time to propagate through the net, and if you use an ISP like Centurylink they cache DNS records for way too long, so it may be a few hours, up to 24 hours in the absolute worst case scenario, to get things back up. Plan on maybe a half hour.

Thanks for the feedback and the support - it is appreciated and I’m happy we’ve got this site in a place where it can survive long term.

Can I just note that minus all the political bickering during the moratorium I’ve rediscovered that I like most of you people?

Just a suggestion, but it would probably be good to lower the TTL on the domain to 5 minutes as soon as possible. There’s no guarantee that all internet service providers will honor it, but it greatly increases the chances of quick propagation over to the new site IP address after the change is made. Then you can increase it back to 12 hours or whatever it’s set to (I’m too lazy to do a dig to check).

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Good suggestion, I already have it low for that reason. My ISP loves to cache sites for like 4-6 hours though, not respecting that - so just wanted to warn people of ‘worst case scenario’. Plus I could screw everything up, which is the greatest risk.


Yup, makes perfect sense to me. You guys are doing a great job man and we appreciate the changes because this stuff can be a full-time job.

Seems like we should have a ceremony of some kind. I actually feel a loss. What’s the cyber-version of scattering a person’s ashes?


Too much touchy feely non-sense. Screw you Rocker! You suck. FEED THE HATE!

Ah, much better.


Yelling at Rocker.


I’m ready. I said my goodbye on the old site. For what it’s worth (not much), I think you should just archive the old site.

Utefans is dead; long live Utefans!


Bittersweet is an appropriate term…
So many years and memories from the old site…
All things must change, it is the way.


Can’t speak for anyone else, but I got redirected quickly. Glad to see it functions as intended.

Thanks for the hard work.


@Badbadute For sure my man. For sure.

@Carolina_Cycling_Ute Yup, things pushed over for me quickly as well.

Did I need to make a new account? I wasn’t able to log in with my old (I assume because of the space in the username) so I just made a new one.

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Yeah all new platform so new user accounts (migration would have been a nightmare). Welcome back!

Thanks. Looks nice so far.

Welcome back! :tada:

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It’s lord Milton Vanderslice! All hail. You still putting highlights up somewhere?

I was hoping to see some posted here (hint hint @MiltonVanderslice). :sunglasses:

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I haven’t done highlights in a while. I had a 3 week stretch where YouTube was taking everything I put up down as copyright content. So I threw my hands up in the air and gave up.