Time to call the fans home

I love to see over 120 users logged and reading the board - it is about half of what UFN used to get in its heyday. I feel like the tone of the board has been sooooooooo much better with the platform switch. I’m curious your thoughts on the switch but this place has gone from a love/hate relationship to just love.

I’m okay with other Ute boards and hope they continue to succeed. However when things went down with UFN a few years back we all got scattered all over the place. I’m reminded of this when I see all these former UFN posters who are regular contributors now on CougarBoard of all places. I personally think the more people who participate here the better this place will be.

So, I encourage you to invite your friends back to the board. Our goal from the new launch was to give the U a P5 worthy message board and I think we’ve done that. Now we just need to get the fanbase back here. I love the insights that people have and the insider info that comes from all aspects of our fanbase.

Anyway, thanks for making this season memorable together and thanks for your comments and support, I haven’t had this much fun around Utah sports in some years. Winning sure helps a lot of things.

It’s a pleasure to be here.
I will be happy to pass on the vibe
Go Utes

Rocker, great job on this forum.

Its not at “my space” level yet, but its close