Time for Larry Scott to go... have you seen this?

The fact that they furloughed 88 people while he only took a minor pay cut says everything about Scott’s “leadership”.

He needs to go. Now.


Can’t argue with you @SkinyUte. The overhead for the conference offices goes to show how out of touch the PAC is with reality. They should move to Vegas, or Salt Lake, or some place else with much lower costs.

Larry Scott was good for the conference, especially us, at one point, now he and his administration are a huge drag on it.


Heck, stay in CA just move out of the heart of San Francisco’s SOMA district - some of the most expensive real estate in the world.


Yeah, there’s that. Larry has shown too little leadership in this trying time. The whole “rules for thee, not for me” comes to mind when watching the PAC offices from afar.


It appears there’s going to a couple of vacancies coming up that he’s qualified to move into in order to maintain his luxurious life style; i.e. NRA president, Jerry Falwell, jr.'s gig, and Steve Bannon’s build that wall-thing.


Move out of SF for cow town. With so much tied up in California, it makes sense to have an office located near the state capitol.

Moving to Vegas or Utah near Silicon Slopes makes sense, too.

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It’s on the presidents of all the P12 universities – they are the ones who’ve let Scott run wild and run up the expenses. It’s almost as though the P12 presidents either have little business sense or have been complicit.


It would be so great if they set up shop in Provo.


or both!?!?

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For sure.

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Hey, rent in the Bay Area is expensive. They should move the HQ to Salt Lake. Or maybe Tucson.

Move it to Tooele…much less expensive and similar earthquake effect. Too soon? :slight_smile:


$650,000 extra per Pac-12 school. Move to Pullman, or SLC, or Tuscon.

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