Thoughts on the game with the BYU

Urban is amazing, I’m grateful for what he did, but I’d rather have a guy like Whittingham than Urban and his character defects. Think about Majerus and his conduct that has cast a cloud over his achievements on the floor. Urban has a reputation that is troubling.

With no inside information I also tend to think that Whittingham is has some things he wants to achieve still, and the other consideration is guys as driven as he are rarely actually can or want to go spend life on a golf course after. Built to work.


I think the team’s biggest challenge for the coming week is not to let BYU beat them a second time. I’m sure they feel horrible about the way they played Saturday. Now they have to put that behind them. I hope they can.


@Senioritis thank you for that lift. You laid a lot of quote worthy wisdom down in your note. Brilliant really and a needed palliative for that loss. At the end of the season it will settle nothing and mean less.

The quote I pulled down needs to be highlighted. I read an article about a Ute player on 247Sports a day or two before the game. That article contained a quote or phrase that freighted the notion that a Utah win was a fait accompli. I wrote a comment highlighted that phrase and included a rewrite of it. My rewrite noted that Utah was in a position to win 10 in the series, but a win was far from certain.

A friend of mine is a huge Texas fan but follows Utah because of our relationship. He asked me prior to kickoff my thoughts.

I wrote:

“No team in the series has ever won more than 9 in a row. Utah has won 9 in a row. The game is in Provo, an away game for Utah. The BYU fans are loyal and loud and obnoxious. BYU has good players and their HC is a former Utah coach. I expect an intense, emotional, competitive game.”

It was all of that. I have not watched the game again but my overriding impression is that BYU did Utah a massive favor. As you established the loss has no meaning really in the pursuit of a PAC-12 championship. Utah has just as much a chance for that as it did at noon on Saturday. But something will be be different now. Utah knows with absolute certainty that it must be prepared, physically, emotionally, and technically for every game going forward as if ALL is on the line. It is.

I think this especially for the few kids who could have gone on to the NFL. If they stayed for this year to take care of unfinished business. Now is the time to prove it.


That’s equally eloquent and concise


I have been camping and did not watch or listen to the game. In reading the commentaries it sounds that the BYU game was very similar to the Cal and Oregon games a few years back when the coaches believed they could line up and out personnel them without an aggressive game plan. We the fans have certainly undervalued the talent level at BYU and we may have overvalued our personnel. Time will tell on both of these. Anyway, hopefully the coaches and players bow their necks and get to work.


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This was a good win for BYU and will help boost the expectations of their fan base to new heights. Godspeed Kalani.


I did not like the game on Saturday very much. The first half was all fumbles, dropped passes, and missed defensive assignments, and the second half was all smashmouth football; we were the ones getting our mouths smashed.

And that decision to go for it on 4th and 2? Where’s Kyle Whittingham when you need him.


Well said. I kept asking myself, “Who is this team? It doesn’t look like a Utah football team at all.”

I tell you, as long as BYU has a mix of 26 year old return missionaries with 320 pound Poynesians on their line, they will not be terrible. I don’t care what the recruiting rankings say.

It’s funny how we never hear this crap when we’re losing. :joy:

Maybe it is possible that there are one or two athletes in the two deep who are 26

Graduate high school at 18
Return from Mission at 20
4 years of eligibility 24
1 Redshirt year 25

Note: I’ll add the extra covid year just to make you feel better 26

Math is fun!