Thoughts on the Exhibition against Westminster

The things I liked:
A lot of energy from the players and the coaches;
Played tough fighting over and through screens as opposed to going beneath;
Very few Westminster shots were uncontested;
Offense seemed more free with less reliance on set plays;
I like the combo of BC, Hat and Dusan;
Lazar and Gabe will become good players.

Concerns: Although they played with energy and grit defensively, I think they lack quickness and athleticism to match up with the better teams we will face. The same will make it more difficult to get good shots offensively.

I would like to have seen BC at the 4 with either Hat of Dusan at the 5.

I agree with @UTEopia. I was pretty concerned about our inability to shoot the ball well. It will take a few years to get to back to the tourney.

I’m just glad we won the 13th East Hobbit Land invitational

is there a wheel for that, or a bucket?


It’s a thimble.


There is a video on youtube of the full game between usu and unlv from the 2021 mwc tournament. One of the first things the announcers point out is that craig smith plays man to man 98% of the time. Larry was very gimmicky in his defensive schemes. We will see how that works out as we go against more athletic teams.

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It’s a ring, but nobody can seem to find who has it on.


It’s second breakfast.


We’re players flying to the ball all over the field, er court? :grin:

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