This year has shown me much about the Ute coaching staff

Living in Colorado I have a slight interest in Buff basketball due to my kid graduating from there. There a a couple of things that tell me the Utes have the better x’s and o’s coaches.

The Buffs have gone the way of most of the rest of the country is depending upon the athletic ability of the players wither to shoot the three or to slip around the defender and drive to the bucket…

Additionally, during a run when the Buffs call a time out to stop the run, the Buffs return to the floor with no obvious change to their play.

The Utes continue to delight that they have not deserted the finer points of the game of basketball. The creative way that they open up shots at times is amazing.

Secondly, for the Utes, following a “run” time out they consistently find a way to score or stop a score.

It hasn’t been a successful year from the win, particularly the road win, perspective but every game has bee fun to watch.

Thanks for posting something encouraging and positive. I’m still discouraged.


Be patient my west coast friend. The next years will lift your spirits!


I hope you are right, I too am hopeful but can’t help being skeptical.

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I agree. As much as the losses bother me I do feel like they are progressing, and there is a method to what they are doing.

Didn’t the media and coaches put the Utes at #9 in the PAC in the preseason? They weren’t wrong. With this group along with next year’s class, the Utes could be really good in two years.