This windstorm is nuts

Just blew the roofing off my detached garage. Yikes. Hasn’t been a good year for wind for the RockerUte household, this spring the wind blew down a tree in our front yard.

That sucks. Sorry to hear it’s happening to you. :cry:

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Renting is the way to go.

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Who had hurricane force winds and wildfires on their 2020 bingo card?

Sorry man! I live in north Davis county and many fences are down in my area. This is way crazy!!

At least a couple of big branches down in my yard.

Big pine tree down our roof
:tomato: plants are asunder



Chunks of my parking lot roof at work have been blown off.

Had a doctors appointment at 8:00. Got to witness a lot of destruction on the way to and from. When my appointment ended and I was scheduling the next one, the power went out. Had to take the stairwell down.

Liberty Park is a mess. Haven’t seen anything like it.

It’s a maelstrom!

And there goes my neighbor’s roof from his detached garage. Now residing in my back yard… where I had been standing about 2 minutes earlier. Yikes.


Definitely the highest winds I’ve been in out here

Multiple trees down our neighborhood.
Probably getting a 50% improvement of the Wasatch front range from our backyard

It’s pretty bad where I live too. It sounds like we may have been hit extra-hard. Our next door neighbor now has the upper 2/3 of a tree in his upstairs guest bedroom. A tree across the street literally broke in half. Roads are blocked in the East Avenues. Worst of all, our area’s electrical power is out, and for people like me who are working from home, that’s a big problem. The U. Is shut down today too, I understand.

I’ve never seen a locust, but I am expecting to see a huge swarm of them soon.


Rivendale Tree Experts came and did a stellar job at ropework to coerce this tree off the roof without a crane.

Feels like mayhem in my neighborhood. But in the middle of it always so great to see people come together and help out. I assume the city is going to pick up the stacks of trees and limbs we’ve made on the streets?

We have no power, I’m also in a dead spot for my phone so very very spotty coverage.

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Sorry to hear.

Here in Fruit Heights, power has been out since 5 am. Fortunately, the Tesla community I’m in is helping each other. My solar guy just brought me a solar/rechargeable battery to run my fridge.