This was a catch!

Hans referenced this earlier today…stunning, really. It has truly been a joy to watch Huntley develop over his time at the U. Credit to Coach Lud as well.

I agree it has been fun to watch!

I was marveling about that throw from high in the stands. Seeing this video makes it all the more impressive. Wow.


Amazing how much better he looks when the receivers actually catch the damn ball.

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Unbelievable play. I’m diggin’ Hans’s new pointer too. Made me laugh for some reason.


There was a pass in the first half to Dixon that was similar, an out-route downfield on a 3rd & long, on the right side, where Dixon hadn’t broken when the pass was thrown, and by the time JD broke and looked back, the ball was right there.

That’s a big chunk of how Huntley’s got to over 70% completion, racked up the crazy QBR numbers, etc. For a team that throws the ball relatively modest amounts, it’s even more impressive.

It’s a beautiful combination of a QB trusting his receivers, and the WRs-TEs-RBs having faith that if they work hard, block, do their assignments… when the ball’s coming they’re way they’re going to make the play.

Huntley doesn’t really have a go to receiver - the spray pattern is crazy wide - which makes it all even more impressive. Nacua, Thompson, Dixon, Simpkins, Enis, Vickers - these guys have really busted their asses, and it’s all coming together.