This USC/ORE game seems eerily similar to the USC/.Utah game so far

… I really hope it turns out better for Oregon.

Although I do think that e en if USC wins, they may still lose another game, I’d much rather have Utah in control of their own destiny tonight rather than waiting and hoping later, and I’d much rather face an 11-1 Oregon in the championship game.

REALLY NICE WIN today UTAH!!! Go UTES, beat BYE :slight_smile:

And go Oregon (wow is that hard to say :))

Or how about how Utah played its first quarter and a half today…

I’ll believe that when they have 16 penalties and step on their d**k when they’re on the goal line.

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Getting chippy out there

Really hoping USC self-destructs with all that emotion out there.

Couldn’t get better…

Starting to look the way I hoped the Utah-USC game would go - boy, I’ll bet Scalley wishes he had that game back.

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Everyone does. That wasn’t just the defense. Nor was it Scalley. Healthy Moss or Blackmon and that game is different.


Regardless of Moss and Blackmon, I’ll argue it was the stubbornness of Scalley (and his mentor Whit) to stick religiously with man coverage in the secondary, that cost us that game. The secondary, has been managed much more progressively, efficiently, and successfully, since and look at the results.

My guess is that dogmatic man coverage, will no longer be a problem for Scalley - he learned a lesson that will make him a better DC and eventually a better HC. No strategy is “always right”.

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Hebert goes down.

And pops right back up with a TD


I dont think any lead is safe in this game, but the Ducks sure turned this thing around. That clock can’t tick down fast enough.

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The rate this is going now, will play into the Ute’s hands if they met Oregon in the Championship game; they’ll be comparing their score against USC with ours. At first glance, that would seem to indicate that Oregon is more powerful. But it does not take into account how Utah grew, on both sides of the ball since.

I’m looking forward to a Utah/Oregon Championship game.



49-17. I like the way this is going. I’ve been humming the USC fight song mockingly for the entire 2nd half.

Southern Cal fans will not tolerate being humiliated on their own field like this. The bell tolls for Helton.

I hope not.

I really think they should give Helton a break. He runs a clean program. :grin:

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Yeah and with all that winning maybe Utah can score a few more would be SC recruits. KW et al. will make men of them.