This team's fate was sealed when Tillman and Johnson bailed

I’m not saying either one of them were great talents. But we needed the continuity. In the worst way.

Larry can’t build his type of program without it. Our “freshmen” are not the same kind that Duke and AZ have. We need to keep players in the program for Larry to have any kind of sustained success.

If he can’t get this kind of continuity, he has to go. Period.

Hard to argue. The player turnover is getting really old. If we lose any of the major contributors of this year (Allen, Gach, Jones, Battin, Jantunen, Thioune, Carlson, Brenchley), then maybe it will be time to think about a coaching change.


I don’t argue about the problem of turnover but I do argue that Johnson would have contributed in any meaningful way beyond what we have. We forget how bad he was as a Jr and his numbers at Marquette support that. Tillman’s issues at UNLV also indicate that may not have been a big loss.

As mentioned if we lose key guys this year it is time to assess K’s career here, but I’m not lamenting any loss of production this year. I think our record would be identical.


Coaches make extraordinary amounts of money and it’s off the scales compared to the highest paid medical or research faculty members. Results and a clean program are about the only metrics to gauge. It’s not a character assassination to openly discuss alternatives when embarrassing losses and chaotic team play are abundant. I hope we don’t see a run for the exits again.
Go Utes!

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Losing is one thing. Losing while not being competitive is something else…and it’s not good.

Getting run out of the gym four games in a row means the team is not competing out there. The talent gap isn’t that great. For whatever reason, the kids aren’t laying it out on the floor trying to win. That is on the coach. If we see the transfer portal go into overdrive again this season, it may be time to look for another coach.

Wouldn’t call our game against Oregon a blowout, but the last 3 games have been rather rough.