This is the Alabama football I had always hoped for

Monday, Saban and the Alabama football team are organizing all the athletics department. They are leading a March from the Football Complex to Foster Auditorium. The same schoolhouse door George Wallace stood in to block the entry of Alabama’s first two black students, Vivian Malone and James Hood.

I don’t think I would have ever seen this in my life.

That’s significant and appropriate.
Glad you can bear witness.
These are extraordinary times.

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This really is significant.

I remember well when Randall Cunningham’s older brother Sam “Bam” Cunningham as a RB at USC helped convince Bear Bryant that segregation wasn’t the future of college football.

Now, Saban is supporting his players on another chapter of “Athletics Leads the Way”. It’s heartening to see. Seeing similar expressions of support at Ole Miss and other schools is likewise impressive.


What an incredible time to be alive.

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Yup. SC helped integrate Alabama. What most people didn’t know Bear already recruited the first black player at Alabama when he scheduled the game. He needed a team that would beat them to make it easier. Also, I worked for the UK Network and one of the things that ran Bear Bryant off is he wanted to be the first team to integrate with UK. Rupp said nope. This documentary on Showtime was great. Just proves this stupid game can matter:


It’s happening.


Good for Saban. To do this in the State of Alabama is the significant thing, and he’s immune from criticism there because of his success as a football coach. Nicely done.

Some have complained about getting purely Alabama-related posts here. If you don’t want that, this site has an easy solution. Find this button at the bottom of any thread and choose “Muted.” You can follow the threads you want to here. Kudos to Rocker for finding this platform.

This is good for when others keep posting SEC topics. Considering I only posted because it’s more social commentary.

Side Note: He’s not immune. The Real Racists are sure all over the radio and Facebook attacking him. I always seen the racism issue as something both our fanbases deal with. Utah has a bad rep since I don’t find it to be Alabama levels but apparently there are some like that.

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I appreciate the post.

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