This is probably not the consolation you want right now, but this is actually really cool

Wins this decade

100 or more

Ohio State
Boise State

Rest of teams in order of wins

Georgia 99
Stanford 98
Florida St 96
Oklahoma St 93
Michigan St 91
Auburn 87
Central Florida 87
Penn St 86
Southern Cal 86
Texas A&M 85
Michigan 85
Washington 85

And in 21st place
Utah 83

(If ND’s wins had not been vacated, ND would be on the list with 91)

What impresses most about Utah’s placement is that it was in Utah’s first decade in the Pac12. This includes the transitionary period, those 5-7 seasons Utah struggled through. Proud of Utah, proud of Kyle, proud of every kid on every team. Ecstatic for the next decade of games! Go Utes!

Utah was .708 with 95 wins from 1999-2009 and 93 wins from 2009-2019 with a .645 winning percentage. Considering a major conference jump that is impressive to almost duplicate the amount of wins.

I can’t be mad with a 137 wins and a .901 winning percentage. The ten years prior to 2009 we only won 68 games with a .571 winning percentage.

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