This is pretty cool, especially if true

Even though I have zero clue how this can be applicable to our lives now or in the future this is pretty cool. Potentially finding a parallel universe, and one that runs its time backward compared to us is interesting. Well, at least I find it interesting.

FWIW there’s a link to The New Scientist, but that has a paywall.

Maybe that girl back in 5th grade will reciprocate my Valentine’s card after all…


Sorry, old news.

Planet that’s a goin’ and a comin’


Guido deserves at least 3 stars, but I can only give one

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Don Novello was hilarious. I own two books of his from the 70s and early 80s: The Lazlo Letters and Citizen Lazlo. He’d send letters to politicians, companies, and celebrities under the name Lazlo Toth that were off-the-wall and see how they responded. Lazlo was a die hard Nixon supporter. He argued that 60 Minutes wasn’t an hour long or it would have been called “1 Hour.” He got signed photos back from Sammy Davis, Jr. and Francisco Franco. The books may be hard to find now, but they’re worth it.


Sadly, this isn’t true. It was a misrepresentation of the study. I heard the study’s author in an interview, yesterday I think, stating that the journos took stuff out of context and ran with it.

Still, pretty cool idea. Perhaps we’ll have confirmation of parallel universes in the future, if they even exist that is.