This could get ugly pretty quickly

It’s pretty clear that USC has played twice and Utah hasn’t played at all. That, and we’re simply playing badly.

Sure looks that way.

Our offense is a joke. I thought it would be a strength.

definitely playing like the first game of the year. Bentley has not been impressive, at all. Rising still is an unknown, a bad overthrow on a screen but got hurt.

I am trying to give Bentley the benefit of the doubt. Before tonight, he hadn’t taken a snap in a game in 14 1/2 months. But the offensive line has been a huge disappointment to me. On the bright side, Ty Jordan will be a star.

The offensive line has played 14 games together. What’s their excuse? The defensive backs look better than them and they’ve started a grand total of 0 games, total.

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OL has been a liability. Frustrating.

Cougarboard is awash in hubris right now. If I were building a fight record with 6th graders I would feel invincible too. Don’t schedule them.

Any idea what is up with Covey?

They are throwing at Phillips again and again.

Heard a hamstring pull

Phillips will be an excellent player but tonight he is getting abused.

Great athlete but green.

uh oh, someone’s scared

Yeah okay.

What is BYU’s SOS?

who cares? schedule them

Oh joy, Zoob trolls. And here I was thinking there hadn’t any positives from all these COVID cancellations.

At least it kept these dorks away.

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Any ideas as to why Kuithe is invisible tonight?

was that really necessary?

He’s finding out he isn’t in high school anymore. Ha ha. He will be good though. Broughton looked like he will be a star. He is the best CB we have right now. Wowza, he was fun to watch.