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I was curious to see how Utah’s former 4* QB was doing now that the season is near its close.

Jack Tuttle, QB Indiana.

Indiana has six quarterbacks on its roster. Five of those are Freshman. Jack Tuttle is one of the five Freshmen. The starter is a Junior, and the number 2 is another Freshman, Michael Penix, Jr. Jack has gotten into a handful of games for part of a series or two.

I don’t think any of us know the full details over his abrupt departure from Utah. Just as well, while I was sorry to see him go, while Utah reloaded at QB rather quickly and from what I can tell made a great ‘trade’. From what I remember, allegedly Troy Taylor said some rather frank and honestly (unfortunately) disparaging remarks about Jack’s readiness to play for Utah. In other words, Jack was likely 3rd if not 4th string during his brief tenure as a Ute and unlikely to break into the starting ranks for several years without significant development.

At any rate, I wanted to learn how the kid is doing. Now you know too.

He was way too into his own brand. I’ve consistently heard his dad was a piece of work too.

If he was that low in the depth chart, I suppose I don’t blame him for leaving, but at the time it sure looked like he was quitting on his team.

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Pro-Style QB in a Spread Offense…this was going to end badly from the git-go. Ludwig may have been able to fashion something, but Taylor…no way.

I hope the kid is going to class and working hard on getting his degree. If he gets the chance to play, I hope he makes the best of it.


Peyton Ramsey (Jr) was the starter for 9 games before going down with an injury. 171/277 (70%) for 1890 yards, 10 TD and 4 INT and a 151.89 passer rating. We would have died for a QB with those stats in our first 5 seasons in the PAC 12. Tuttle has been the 3rd QB all season. When he did get in, he never looked comfortable. The kid is going to be a career clipboard holder.

The big Miss was Olave, Tuttle’s primary WR in HS. He’s lighting it up at Ohio St. Pretty sure Olave made Tuttle look good in HS.


Good stuff.