The Utes and the PAC-12 Player Boycott

Where do you all think this will go? I could post this article in the Politics and War forum but this time there’s no separating the social justice cause from the sports.

Jake Bentley being in this group either means he’s showing some leadership, or he’s not the starter. Him coming from S. Carolina, and supporting the package, especially the racial justice aspect, I think shows leadership.

With the Scalley incident, I think the U will be generally supportive. These kids are marketing agents for the university, they should get some compensation.

Like any negotiation, I think this ends up being a compromise. With the revenue issue, it remains to be seen what happens this season. IF we can get 10 games in, and TV revenues are good, there could be something there.

6 year scholarship? Maybe 5. This has been discussed before - a year to year scholie is a bit harsh, for kids laying out their health.


Rising supported it as well.


Bentley posted on twitter that he is playing this year. Said he supports his teammates in their effort for change, and that they support his decision to play.


The only thing I don’t want to see happen is a full pay-to-play. I am all for players being able to make money off of their image and likeness, but if CFB becomes an NFL lite, I think it will severely hurt the game, and a lot of G5 and even some P5 programs will just cease to exist.


Bentley supporting this effort is entirely consistent with his past statements. I remember when he was on Riley‘s show and made similar statements supporting the Black Lives Matter concept.


P5 football is kind of like minor league baseball. Most of those guys don’t make any serious money. It’s only when you get to AAA and you’re bouncing back & forth to the Bigs does the money start to get good. That won’t happen with CFB.

If they can make a stipend of a couple of grand a month, I don’t see that has being corrosive to the game. The message still is “you damn well better have a Plan B for when this comes to an end, if you’re not going up to the league”, and making it uniform would keep the college feel of equality.

Maybe the G5s could be $1000 a month. FCS would be a love for the game deal.

If schools are competing for signing bonuses, then CFB is over.


The problem is that people get rich off of college athletics. No one should get rich off of amateur athletes. I’d rather reduce pay for coaches and admins than abandon amateurism. Time for salary caps and structure, including a scheduling system.

I may be in the minority but I think NIL is enough… if you don’t like the system no ones making u play.


I am all for the cost of living stipend.


That ship has already sailed. It’s just scaling up in steps.

Free the Bag Man!

This system is and has always been a sham. Instead of creating over the top stadiums and locker rooms at public schools just allow the kids to get paid. I don’t know why people are afraid of these kids having money and having advisors around them to teach them how to properly use it.

Acting like every University doesn’t have a bag man is just people not being real about fanatical donors.

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B1G has come out with their own player demands today