The U is doing a virtual Commencement this year on Thursday evening at 6:30PM

Individual college graduations are now scheduled for December. My son didn’t even bother to order a cap and gown due to his disappointment with the circumstances. I am very sad about the whole thing as well. He worked very hard to finish Mechanical Engineering in 4 years and managed to make the Dean’s List for most of his time at the U.

Hope he gets to walk. Some of my fellow graduates chose not to walk, but I thought it was special both times

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Unless it gets cancelled he should be able to walk in the College of Engineering Graduation in December. Sadly some of his friends are moving out of state for jobs or whatever and may not make it back in December.

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Sorry for the delay.
I hope you both are very proud!
Such excellent engineering programs at the U.


High school graduations this week. Took about 10 minutes to “walk” last night. Tonight a car parade. This year’s graduation blows my other kids’ real graduations out of the water – each had a class of a thousand and took hours to get through the names. Painful.

This is one new HS tradition they should keep.

Graduation festivities this week at The U. Hope everyone enjoys the in person experience again. High school graduation not so much, but there’s something about college graduation that feels different. Perhaps it’s because we’re included In. Some of the cool stuff every year. Anyway, enjoy!