The truth is, we could have a lot worse options than Morgan Scalley as our next HC

There are about 6 different sides to that story.

This kid played a pretty convincing Ted Bundy on Netflix…

I’d say the only issue would be how good of a recruiter is he. For Utah to really take the next step, recruiting needs to be improved. Nothing against past and current players. Utah needs to take recruiting to the next level - we have been in the top 25 teams fairly consistently the past few years, we need a top 25 recruiting class too. I’m not dreaming of top 10, I’d be very happy with 25th every year. If Scalley can improve in that area, he will definitely be a keeper.

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I thought it was because Chris Hill wouldn’t extend Sitake’s contract. I’m not aware of problems between Whit and Sitake, Utah’s defense was never the problem, IMO.


As LA said, there are many sides to that story. You could be right though.

Kyle wanted more $ and an extension for Kalani. Chris Hill wouldnt agree.

Gary Anderson offered the DC woth two year guarantee and a raise at OSU. He accepted. Only then did CH give Kyle the OK for extension and raise. It was too late. Kyle almost left because of it.

Kyle and Chris went through a real rough patch for a couple years. USC came calling a couple of years ago and Kyle had his bags packed. At the last second they gave the job to Helton. True story.

I thought the money was the same. * just read post above; I guess not. I don’t want him back anyway.

We didn’t miss a beat defensively after Kalani left.

I think it was more issues with Hill.

I know Kalani wanted more money, and that Hill refused on the basis that the increase would’ve been out of line with what other schools in the PAC-12 were paying assistants. Outside of the people who were directly involved, I don’t think anybody knows much more than that. What I do know is that we were perfectly fine without Kalani after he left.


And I’m perfectly fine with him coaching the Zoobs.

The lateral move was the result of Kalani not getting a two year contract at Utah that Kyle was pushing Chris Hill for. This was during a period when Hill and Whit were clashing over a number of things, including Whits own contract at the U.

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How much of that is Kyle?

Yep, or as HC

FWIW, 3 of the 4 coaches in the CFP were long-time assistants in their programs before being elevated to HC.

Morgo is a very smart man, a funny guy, and is an excellent motivator. His work speaks for itself, being one of a very short list of teams to rank in the Top 10 in all of the Defensive Efficiency stats this year. He has been Whittingham’s right-hand man for 12+ years now, and will have a very good understanding of how to run a program.


A lot of that had to do with John Pease coming back for a couple of years.

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You guys are turning me.

A lot, in my opinion. But that’s been true of every DC we’ve had since Kyle became the head coach, hasn’t it?

IIRC, Hill’s position was that no one in the PAC-12 gave their assistants 2-year contracts and he didn’t want Utah to be the first. If so, that seems to be an odd reason for Kalani to leave the program for OSU. Is there really anyone who wishes that Kalani were still at Utah? I mean, he’s a good guy and all, but was he really essential to the program’s success or future?


I agree. I respect your opinion and was partly soliciting it and partly being cheeky because I am not a Scalley trumpeter. I’m in the minority (clearly) but I don’t think he is any kind of architect behind that D and big surprise, I’m not a fan of him being our head coach. I think he will fall hard, and that means the Utes will too.