The truth is, we could have a lot worse options than Morgan Scalley as our next HC

I’ve long been a proponent for looking for a coach outside of the Utah circle when Whittingham retires, but I am definitely warming to the idea of Scalley being the next man up. In fact in a lot of ways I see him as a key to building on the success we’ve had.

The guy is a Ute, he gets the culture and he has been a player and a coach under two pretty amazing HCs. In a lot of ways it actually feels riskier to go and find another HC - as in at this point it would have to be an obvious home run hire to justify not promoting Scalley.

What do you guys think?

Scalley will be a great coach and continue the sustainable growth.


Scalley is a keeper. I have played golf and talked with coach Shah as well. coach Shah is one awesome dude and would love to see him around for a long long time.

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It would be nice to keep him around the program, and it appears they are trying to do that. At this point, nothing would surprise me. I do get a little tired of the “Friends of Kyle” approach to coaching hires for the FB program. But Scalley is a stud.

Curious to hear what MesoUte has to say about all of this…

Whoever can drive the program forward and keep the tradition of high-character players who graduate and are always competitive.

I do hope that someday soon we won’t need a continuation of Kyleball because we’ve progressed to the point where we can attract higher-level talent. As we’ve all discussed, that will take some time, with continued winning and a continuing erosion of whatever it is about SLC that makes it hard to recruit to the U.

One attractive thing about Scalley is that he wants to be at Utah and probably won’t use the job as a stepping stone. That’s always been a real plus for Kyle too.


With all due respect, I don’t want to hire Kalani


The MIPsters can keep Kalani.

As for Scalley, I have to agree there could be much worse out there in the wilds. ATM I don’t see any “homerun” coaches that could do better than Whit or Scalley at Utah. But that is a discussion for another day. For now I’m happy Whit has got things rolling well.

LOL! What are you trying to say? He couldn’t cut it at the U because of the dumpster fire he is currently responsible for?


I think Morgan will become an excellent HC. However, like Kyle when he first took over, he will have some growing pains and will need to be himself. I think his hiring will make the transition almost seamless. It would be nice if he could make that transition with an experienced OC, like Ludwig.


As DC? :wink:

I think Scalley has the smarts, motivation, organization and vision to keep the program going. He knows the exact type of kids to recruit. I’ll bet Shaw would make a great DC. I hope it’s Scalley.

If Scalley does end up taking over for Whitt, I wouldn’t call it a concern at this point but I am curious to know what Scalley’s philosophy would be for an offense. Does he prefer the spread, pro set, combo or what? Would Ludwig (if he is still around) remain on for a year or two or would Scalley go out and find someone?

Does he look at bringing back Brian Johnson?

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I don’t want Kalani anywhere near the program. I’m not convinced he was that good of a defensive coordinator. And I still don’t understand that underwhelming lateral move to Oregon St.


If I remember correctly it had to do with differences he had with Whitt.

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One positive I think about Scalley is we would get most of the same positive attributes of Whittingham but also without some of the frustrating conservatism that has been hard to swallow over the years. I don’t think we’d see a lot of games where we get up by two TDs and manage the clock to a hair-pulling win.

screw kalani!


I like the continuity. It’s worth noting that all four coaches in this year’s CFP were hired from within, and three of them had no previous head coaching experience.


This is a good point.

Whitt coaches another 4-5 seasons, right?

I think OSU offered more money and he liked the idea of working with Gary Anderson,

Those were probably contributing factors. If you remember, at the time there was a lot of internal drama with the program, with some speculation that Whitt might leave. I seem to recall hearing that there was some tension between Kalani and Whitt.