The Texas blitz

I said this in chat. The one nagging question I have is this: Texas blitzed almost the entire game. Can it be that we had no answer for that? Were we that badly outcoached, that Texas saw such weakness in us and believed (correctly) that we would not be able to respond?

Rule #1, you must punish a defense out of position. If not, you are allowing the defense to take a huge advantage.


And I guess our o-line was so awful that the blitz was super-effective and Huntley didn’t have a second to burn Texas for blitzing.

They had game tape from the CU and Oregon games. At least in the CU game they adjusted. They also got lucky with a big punt return. Against Oregon it was a train wreck of execution problems. That further snowballed in tonight’s game against Texas. Truly embarrassing.

Text message of the night from my sister, a Utah Grad living in Euless, TX:

“Glad I didn’t spend my time and money going to this ■■■■■■ game. Nebraska would beat us“

Her daughter is a sophomore at Nebraska.


Huntley was pressured, obviously in the Oregon game as well, but a facet that seemed to exacerbate the O-Line situation was his return to his happy feet days. It seemed like there were a few times in each of these two games where he could have stepped up/into the pocket and released the ball, maybe quicker than desired but better than losing 7 yards.


No, there were plenty of times where Huntley held onto the ball way too long.

True. It’s just remarkable that UT could blitz 80% of the time (according to Moss) and we could do nothing about it.