The SEC is an average P5 conference overall

Watching Bentley play last night reaffirmed that the SEC is very overrated.

We all know that South Carolina and the SEC East carries the SEC. :roll_eyes:

Trolling should be a little better.


There are six good programs in the SEC and eight terrible.

Six? I know five have either been in the BCS Title Game or Playoffs. Who is your sixth team, Texas A&M?

I would love to hear how many great yes are in the other conferences.

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Well in the PAC 12 for example…and remember, this is a 12 team league rather than 14…


All solid programs

Only Oregon State, UCLA, Arizona, CU are not competitive every year, but they’ve all have spurts. None of them are like Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Miss State, Tennessee, Missouri, who suck every single year.

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You apparently don’t watch football with that post. Oregon and Washington are the only teams even in the convo for Championships.

You added Kentucky who went 32-20 the past 4 seasons. Only 4 Pac 12 teams posted a better record. Mississippi State was 29-23 and in the SEC West at that. Missouri and Cal have the same record.

Washington: 40-14
Utah: 35-18
SC: 34-18
Washington State: 34-18
Stanford: 32-20
Oregon: 32-20
Arizona State: 26-24
Cal: 25-25

Your argument just proved you don’t watch enough football.

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Any argument about records is just dumb, especially when comparing the SEC to anyone. No one, except the ACC, pads their schedule more than the SEC.

If the P12 wanted to “do it the SEC way” they’d need to drop to 8 conference games and add UNLV and New Mexico.


There is no legitimate national championship in cfb. Pac12 plays a much more difficult schedule than the SEC, win/loss records are apples and oranges.

Programs like Kentucky suck at football. Always have. Jared Lorenzen brought them a couple respectable seasons but that was a long, long time ago and most of the hype was because he was so fat, not because he was necessarily lighting it up.


:roll_eyes: let’s be real. The 10th SEC game is what Alabama wants but you don’t bring up Arizona State when slandering the University of Kentucky. UK hasn’t been the doormat of decades past recently

They literally won 10 games and beat Penn State in their bowl game two years ago. If that is bad then you really need to recalibrate. Also, no. The Pac 12 does not play a tougher schedule. This idea that the SEC is only good because of non-conf is a weird. Judge the recruiting classes and NFL draft picks. It’s just more talented on each roster. Kentucky consistently out recruits Utah. I am not an SEC Homer at all. In fact I will agree there is Alabama and on a given year maybe one more that’s a champ contender. But, to say “overrated” is to deny the facts of player talent.

I can’t name one Kentucky football player other than Jared Lorenzen. Tim Couch, okay two.

Name as many Kentucky players as you can off the top of your head.

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The SEC is really good and possibly the best conference. The issue I have with them being overrated is the attitude that they as a conference is far superior to the others. People actually believe the SEC is on a level closer to the NFL than they are to the rest of College Football. Alabama is great but they’re closer to UNLV then they are the Kansas City Chiefs.


Ask the average football fan and they can’t name a Utah player. Alex Smith is a step above UK’s Randall Cobb. I can name a bunch of UK player mainly because I live in state.

I don’t think anyone in the South with common sense thinks that. Sidewalk fans who live and die with the team maybe. Now, do teams like Alabama and LSU (last year’s team) have guys who could at in the league right now? Sure. It is weird that Alabama’s 2013 (maybe team had 11 Starters on Offense and Defense that were drafted and started recently). These are all Bama players starting this past week:

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Lol. I’m the Alabama fan who was here the day after the Sugar Bowl and said they should be National Champs. A year later I also said the Utes ass kicking made the players at Alabama buy in and the rest is history. Saban’s second year he lost to Florida and Utah the two best teams. Since then they won 5 National Championships. Why would I be mad about that loss? You gotta troll better.

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I didn’t say you were mad. I just said it’s weird how everyone at Alabama has the same haircut.


I don’t dispute that on average the PAC12 is on par with the SEC, but there is a clear separation at the top (clear advantage SEC). The PAC12 desperately needs USC to be on par with a Ohio St from the B1G. Oregon has been pretty good, but they need to defeat teams like Auburn OOC and UW needs to up its game too. I’m proud of Utah’s steady climb, but losing to teams like Northwestern and Texas were set backs.

This is a joke from 2012. They moved on to tight haircuts.

I think Oregon is the new SC. They have the money and the coach. A coach from the Saban tree. If Utah ever parts from Whitt I think someone like Kiffen would be great for Utah. He would give a swag and fun style.

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Remind me not to hire you as AD.