The real question is what happens if and when LSU Loses Saturday

I’m having a hard time seeing everyone write in LSU. I’ve seen this before:

LSU is favored by 4. UGA is missing some key players on offense but UGA’s defense is lightyears ahead of LSU’s defense. If they have their way with Burrow it could be a long day for LSU.

If UGA wins does LSU get dropped from the playoff?

Nope, general consensus is that both LSU and Georgia get in, and I could see the SEC rigging the system to make that happen. What will really create chaos is if both OSU and LSU lose, then what do you do. Put OSU in over Wiscy?


Yes, you put in OSU over Wiscy. Wisconsin cannot get in under any set of this weekend’s outcomes.


If both LSU and OSU lose and still are in the playoff we ought to just get rid of the whole charade that conference play and championships even matter and write in the same chosen ones every year.


Before conference championships - Seeding so far is LSU, OSU, Clemson, and Georgia

If LSU loses, expect that CFP won’t want a rematch in the semifinals, so the seeding would be something like OSU, Clemson, Georgia, LSU

CFP right now is only a glorified marketing beauty contest.


LSU should be a lock for a berth (as should Ohio State).

If Georgia beats LSU, both will be in and teams like Utah or Oklahoma (who have to take care of their own opponents this weekend) will need to hope for Clemson to be upset.

At least unlike the bubble teams that miss March Madness and go to the NIT, if Utah beats Oregon and doesn’t quite make the playoffs, a Rose Bowl appearance is an attractive consolation prize.


To be fair, I’d probably put in LSU as well. A loss in a conference title is not a killer. Also, acting like the Conf playoffs are part of the playoff is just weird. This is the Best 4 and not the Best 4 Conference Champions.

I actually think late season losses should be weighed more heavily than early season losses (and I think they naturally are). But take Utah’s loss to USC - their body of work since indicates that they have corrected whatever was going on there.

As far as it being ‘weird’ to have conference championships be part of the championship I disagree. Although it isn’t, the playoff should be to determine who the best team is, and who wants to see LSU and Georgia play again in the championship - at least nobody outside of the SEC and only half of those people.

But we’ve had this same circular argument before - it isn’t going to get fixed with a 4 team playoff.


I agree with what you said but if it’s about what people want to see many wouldn’t choose a Utah, Baylor etc etc. People want to see the best talent and judging by the recruits and NFL players that does tend to be out of the SEC.

Trust me. I don’t want to see two conference rivals in either. Helps their recruiting.

I think pretty much anybody in the top 6-8 is the ‘best talent’ and so that point is kind of moot. I speak only for myself on this, but I am more interested in new match-ups and I don’t care if that is Baylor, Utah or Oklahoma. I’ll see LSU and Georgia play this week, I don’t want to see that again and if that happens I doubt I would bother to watch.

And this isn’t just an SEC thing, I feel the same way about the NCAA b-ball tournament (with the provision of at least if two conference mates played in the championship game at least they earned it through the tournament). I think the playoff should establish who the best team is in the nation at the end of the season - and if Georgia beats LSU, LSU isn’t the best team in the nation. To me it makes sense to have the diversity of conferences to see if the PAC-12 is really as inferior to the other conference as is claimed.

And again, I know this isn’t how it currently works, but for me that would be of far more interest whether Utah was in the convo or not. For example, if Utah falls to Oregon, I really don’t want to see Georgia and LSU, I’d rather have Oklahoma. Same for other conferences. If for some reason the top 5 teams were in order Oklahoma, Texas, OSU, Clemson and LSU, I’d say it should be the winner of OK and Texas, OSU, Clemson, and LSU.

In short, I don’t care about rematches and never will, and I suspect I’m not alone in that. Go to a 16 team playoff like you’ve proposed then yeah, they’ve earned the right to be there.


I’d say LSU should be out. Who have they even played? They would have lost to the first decent team they came up against. And, late in the season, which should count for more.


Maybe another way to put it is this - if they keep Utah out do we really know those other 4 teams are better? No, and the debate rages on. But we’ll know who is better between GA and LSU this weekend.

Three Top 11 teams not a strong enough resume for you?

I Understand the POV. We just disagree. It is possible for a Conference to hold more than one top four team. You may not want a rematch but I would watch two top 4 teams play over and over.

I don’t disagree that a conference can have more than one top four team - in fact they may have all 4 top teams, but no way to prove that unless they play teams outside their conference.

What I think we can agree on is that the current 4 team format stinks and should be expanded.

One other side note, but if we learn one thing from basketball is the best team in the nation isn’t necessarily the best tournament team in the nation. I actually believe that about Saban and were he able to somehow get into the CFP I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they somehow won it.


I know you’ve seen my idea. I really think the only workable situation is a 16 team with all 10 conf champs and 6 at large. First round home games to higher seed. It’s the best solution

I’d like to see a 16 team playoff along what you’ve described but I think that road goes through an 8 team playoff first. Bowls have too big of a stranglehold on things right now and little vision for how much better it could be for them.

Truth is, all the bowls except a select few are meaningless, but in theory something like the Cotton bowl in a 16 team playoff COULD mean something.

I’m game for whatever. More football is a blessing. Not a curse.

Can you imagine an event like March Madness where you have two full days of football in a row of the biggest games of these college kids lives?


I know we could go back and forth on it but the idea of hosting a home game in December during. Tournament would be Bananas. Even if it’s the worst G5 Champion you are playing a team that can upset a P5