"The Plan to Wynn"- Jordan Wynn video play analysis for UF.N

Hi Everyone-

Jordan will be doing game analysis for the remaining football games this year as well as the bowl game. We’ll probably be making some adjustments for next week’s episode, but for this week these are not too shabby. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

I caught the last podcast and I really enjoyed watching. Its’ a pleasure to hear from Mr Wynn, who played with so much passion and comitment while contributing greatly to the University. Thank you all!



Jordan is a natural, knows his material cold.

The whiteboard is a start, but maybe getting to a digital whiteboard puts Jordan on the way to being the next Sam Brown. Seriously. He’s a natural.

For just picking 3 plays and letting JW explain, this is a really, really impressive start. Detailed, accurate, goes into depth about how the blocking scheme opens the hole, or how Rising manipulates the backers with his eyes and selects Solo on the dig route for a crucial 1st down.

Really high upside to letting fans inside Jordan’s FB intellect, not just plays, but matchup, scheme design, etc.

(I remember seeing Jordan at Pullman in 2011, he was headed up to the box with Norm Chow as halftime ended, then in the 2nd half snow fell & the other JW went down the sideline for a long TD.)


I know it’s a let down - and we all know the season’s over - but we really enjoyed Jordan’s review of the games.
Is there going to be one more Wynn to Scott report or Plan to Wynn?
Love to look at some of the highs and lows of the Rose Bowl game, or maybe a review from @Ma-ake as well?


We’re recording two more shows to cap off the season.