The Plan to Wynn Episode 2- Utah vs Arizona 2021

Excellent work by Jordan Wynn this evening. Hope you all like this episode!

These are fun and well done!

A couple of comments:

  1. Make the diagrams bigger. Use the whole white board. That will make things easier to see.

  2. Get some colored markers. A bit of color coding will make things easier to follow.

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Nice work guys! As an aside, at the Game Watch, Wynn was the guy that kept saying, “Calm Down guys, we got this.”, while the rest of us were stressing over the close score.


One thing I’ve learned is the more you learn about FB, the easier it is to see through things in a game like the UA game, even though it got uncomfortable, especially after the blocked punt.

They threw all kinds of junk pitches to us when they were on offense - 4 different QBs!?! - and they really wanted to send their Seniors out with a W. Their defense has played well all year, their DC has been around forever and knows how to put pressure on. What Rising was able to accomplish was impressive, especially since he wasn’t at his own highest level. That game was so physical I worry about a lot of bumps & bruises for Saturday. Pledger definitely proved he’s one tough hombre.


‘Zona threw every gadget play they had at us. We survived it.

Unfortunate for them bASUra now has the video to prep for the Territorial Cup.


Wynn is just a natural. I re-watched this about 4 times to catch all the details.

The play with :05 in the 1st half, Wynn describing how the play had been run earlier in the year, but they added “window dressing” to help make it harder for the D to diagnose we were running that play…

Jordan provides the best insight available.