The PAC-12 and their value

Man, I just looked at the AP top 25 for the first time this year in prep for Utah’s game this weekend.

Look at who is ranked: Cincinnati is #6, BYU is #9, Coastal Carolina is #15, Marshall is #16, SMU is #18, and Liberty is #25.


Please, please, please tell me more about how the American public would rather watch a SMU or Coastal Carolina or Cincinnati or BYU game than ASU, Utah, UW, California, etc.

Yet another reason why the P5 needs to break off from the G5. You have a Penn St team who has played an undefeated Indiana team and Ohio State…and BYU has done the Sun Belt/Conference USA tour and Cincinnati has played…SMU?

And yet somehow those teams are “better” than Penn St? Yah, right. Dreamland. There isn’t a single top 25 G5 team that would be undefeated with Penn St’s schedule. Hell, there isn’t a single top 25 G5 team that would be undefeated with Indiana or Ohio State’s schedule.

We all need the PAC-12 back. All of America does. And not having them playing this year has shown how important this conference is.

I’m looking forward to the national championship game. BYU vs Liberty.


It is a joke and living in Utah county makes it worse.