The only takeaway worth mentioning for the 2020 Men’s Basketball Season

At least we got a win over Kentucky.

That is all.

Also beat the Zoobs.

And who’d have thunk that in a year that we beat both Zoobs and Kentucky, who are both NCAA bound, we would be having a complete train wreck of a season overall where we likely won’t even sniff the NIT.

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It’s not a complete train wreck if you beat Kentucky. Still a wreck, but not complete.

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I’m disappointed but not surprised at all by their performance this year. Basketball is my favorite sport at the U and I am going to keep watching and cheering them on. Watching Jantunen hustle last night, even when we were down by 20 was inspiring and admirable. Kid is tough. I hope for a surprise performance in the P-12 tourney and that we retain most of our players for next season.

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On that note, if Larry doesn’t start Jantunen this weekend, then Larry clearly does not know how to manage personnel. The kids is not only playing his ass off, he is also playing well. He has managed to claw his way to near the top of the efficiency chart while others are free falling. He has nothing but grit, he makes bunnies, he doesn’t turn it over nearly as much as others (on a per min basis). It’s time for Larry to put his money where his mouth is regarding culture. Start Micki