The new king of ridiculous bowl game names has arrived

The old Vegas Bowl matchup (MWC Champs vs P12 #5) is now officially the “Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl”.

No, really.

I have nothing against Kimmel per se (I’m completely ambivalent towards him), but this is just silly.

I agree with you. :joy: That name is absolutely stupid for a bowl game. With that said, the Las Vegas Bowl could become a big-time bowl game with the new stadium.

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I don’t know. I think the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl is still the worst.


That was the one that came to mind when I saw the thread title.

Do they still have the Belk Bowl? (had to look up what the heck that one is based on, it’s apparently a department store chain that has no stores in the west)

It’s the LA Bowl, and Jimmy Kimmel is the first/current title sponsor. I agree it’s weird and dumb to have the sponsor be a person’s name… but it’s not as bad as the no-identity bowl games like the Redbox or Cheez-it. At least in 3-5 years when the Kimmel agreement ends it will still be the LA Bowl… albeit the Frito Lay LA Bowl, or Amazon LA Bowl or whatever.

I don’t know why everyone is so ignorant of the Bad Boy Mowers Bowl.

Are you Neanderthals incapable of receiving brilliant marketing outreach!?!

Sigh… the end of capitalism must be nigh.


Yeah, played at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. As for Belk, think Mervyn’s back in the day. Nothing special about Belk.

I forgot about it. But this also tells me that there are WAAAAAAY to many bowl games.

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