The most beautiful thing you've ever seen

I’ve put a lot of thought into this for some time now. This site has been an incredible resource for me for some time and I wanted to see what you thought about this subject. Albeit a bit personal, I thought it would be interesting to get some feedback.

When the windstorm hit last year, I was awoken by the powerful winds hitting the bedroom window of my highrise in Downtown Salt Lake City. I got up and observed what I think is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and it changed my life in ways that I’m still trying to understand.

As an avid hiker, a goal of mine has always been to hike Lone Peak. The peak has an extremely sentimental meaning to me. The hike is on my bucket list. That early fall morning, I looked out my south-facing bedroom window and saw the clouds wrap around the peak, which was surrounded by the colors of the early morning sunrise. I stood there and observed it for a few minutes and jotted down some thoughts in my phone. I thought about taking a picture but I quickly realized that no camera I knew of would capture the experience I was having. I knew I’d only see something like that once. So I just watched.

From that point on, my life changed in ways that I couldn’t have comprehended. But that day I saw a certain beauty I have found to be exceptionally rare. I think about what happened that morning every day, and it truly motivates me to live the best life I can.

I thought I’d share this quote:

Beauty is a form of Genius --is higher , indeed, than Genius , as it needs no explanation. It is one of the great facts of the world, like sunlight, or springtime, or the reflection in the dark waters of that silver shell we call the moon. It cannot be questioned. It has divine right of sovereignty."

-Oscar Wilde

I’m fascinated by beautiful things. I try to find the beauty in every day that I live. I think this could be an amazing thread. I want to know about the beautiful things you’ve seen in your lives. I just think it’s so important that we share those experiences if possible. I think they remind us that we’re alive. With the eclectic group we have here, I think a thread like this would be pretty neat. It requires a certain amount of vulnerability, I know. But I thought it was at least worth a shot.

Things I find beautiful may not be beautiful by conventional thought. For example, I find the desert to be extremely beautiful, even the bland tan sage pocked rolling hills. Not many people I know find the west desert beautiful, but I do.

That being said, one time in my exploring of the west desert out along the Pony Express Trail I found myself in a location where rising above me was a bluff that I thought would give me a good view of the Salt Flats in the distance. I climbed up to the top and sat at its edge looking towards the west. As I sat there it was perfect stillness, not a sound and no wind to be felt and fortunately the temperature was just slightly cool… so perfect. As I sat there dark clouds rapidly began to cross the Salt Flats and as they crossed drapes of rain began to connect the clouds with the ground, yet I sat in the sun. As the clouds progressed lightning began to strike frequently in the distance and breaking the silence was the slow rumble of the thunder followed by more silence.

The thunder rumbling got things moving with the animals and suddenly I found three large black crows flying up, I presume, from a place they had searched on the cliff and circling overhead. It was so quiet I could hear the sound of their wings beating the air. Down below me about 50 feet below a band of wild horses that are all over in the West Desert began to stampede below me, the delayed sounds of their hooves I cold also hear as they’d run and turn and run some more, kicking up dust just like you’d see in the movies.

So, blue skies and perfectly still air above me. Shiny black crows flying so close I can hear their wings above as well. Down below me are horses kicking up dust as they ran in a tight group in an oval of sorts and off across the white Salt Flats was the contrast of bubbling and boiling black clouds and lighting, pocked every 30-45 seconds with a rumble of thunder that would come and splash off the cliff below and then roll towards the other mountain ranges. Seriously beautiful, seriously amazing. I’ll never forget it. It couldn’t be captured by camera even if I wanted to, and something I experience completely alone, not another human soul in sight for as far as the eye could see.


Well done. That was beautiful.

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The sky after 80 or so days submerged.