The monkeys Utah got off their backs today

• We can’t beat Chris Peterson after he has a bye. (He was 18-0 before today.)

• We’ve only beaten Chris Peterson once, and never in a game with championship hopes on the line.

• We can’t win a big game in which we are favored.

• We can’t win road games in November.

• We’re really bad at catching up when we’re behind.

What am I forgetting?

We don’t play well in white pants …?


Ironically, we are finally .500 in the conference at 39-39


Peterson WAS 9-0 in games following a lose - before today!

Historical streaks rarely have ANYTHING to do with future performance.


You mean Petersen.
One monkey that finally seems to be falling off our back is people thinking our coach’s name is Willingham. I still heard it muttered a couple times yesterday at Husky stadium, but much less than usual.


Ugh. I never cared for that. On the other hand, Husky fans probably still have nightmares about what Willingham did to them so it no surprise that name sticks in their minds.


I guess this kind of fits here. See the smack down Britain Covey gave someone who was ignorantly questioning Huntley‘s intelligence. I’m guessing it was a BYU fan. Lots of them love to pretend their crowd is intellectually elite.


And Chris Peterson was 18-0 coming off a bye week. Took that one down too.

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Every dog has its day…not to win.

They gave us their best shot and came up short. Gotta give the dogs credit for playing their hearts out; but just like our basketball team ran out of gas at the NCAA final a couple of decades ago to a more talented and deep program, the dogs fell the same way yesterday.

Next game up!!!


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