The Mental Health Awareness Thread

The bigger issue is the behavior caused by being an addict.

In 2022 you’ll find few are being punished for their addictions, and many are given many many chances at diversion programs. But as we all know, those only work if someone wants to be helped

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You are correct. The addict has to find their bottom before they can be helped. For many addicts it takes many attempts, and sadly many fail. I had 2 family members, extended family, die of alcoholism. I have in laws who are recovering alcoholics. I realize my addition is anecdotal, but based upon observations my addition is correct.

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Coming from a family where alcohol abuse was rampant to the point it killed both my grandfathers, 3 of 5 of my uncles, and dad was a high-functioning alcoholic, it is nothing short of a miracle that I didn’t end up falling into that trap too.

Tobacco abuse was also rampant. It got both my parents and two of my uncles. Hate to say having to clean the inside of the windows of my dad’s truck every week to get the tar and nicotine buildup off from commuting to and from central Utah (was building the power plants) showed me smoking was a killer. I think he and the two guys who used to ride with him invented hotboxing.

The collateral damage is just as problematic as the addiction.


I use a couple of moving companies. One is called The Other Side Movers and the other is Red Barn. Both business models employ those that would otherwise be in prison. They both have a strict code of conduct that employees/residents adhere to and hold each other accountable.

Anyway what is clear to me is that many of the men in the program are there because of addiction. Once the addiction grabs hold, it’s really difficult to unload. Most are very open about where they’re at in life. Both programs exist to transition these men into becoming productive employees, and good neighbors and citizens. I can recommend both for moving services.


We use The Other Side Movers anytime we can. They’re owned by The Other Side Academy, which helps men and women who have chosen to go there as a last chance before serious incarceration. The place helps people make amazing changes in their lives. My wife and I have both spoken there and go there often.


Used red barn again just this week. Once again provided top notch service.

This is an interesting article about using Psilocybin to help with depression.

I know it helps my son with his depression.

I’ve been half following some of the psilocybin tests/updates. Looks promising. I hope it works for those us use it.

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I’ve been following as well and very interesting research and outcomes. Still trying to figure out if this should be focused on adults (developed brain) and what implications it could have for teens - so many going through challenges (including my own kids) but also have developing brains.

This may have been posted elsewhere already. But just in case it hasn’t been……

Probably the most important message we’ll hear from a college football coach this season.


Thank you for this. Still a little raw as we have been doing all we can to help a child through mental health challenges and they were admitted today for inpatient care again to try to stabilize things. Medications, therapy, support to help make sure they are 1) safe, 2) mental health improvement, then 3) participation in things like school, sports, social.


I hope your child is safe.
May you may find strenghth though recources, and the love and support you all need and deserve.


God bless you and your child.