Are you still sure there is no way LK is getting fired? LOL, what a troll

Oh give Moose time. He’ll tell us that it was a mistake, and that whoever Harlan hires won’t ever be as good as LK, etc, etc, etc.


Jim Fassel was head coach of the USFL New Orleans Breakers in 1984 when U of U head coach Chuck Stobart and A.D. Arnie Ferrin got into a kerfuffle and decided to part ways. U of U football had put up a valiant effort against undefeated #3 ranked Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City but came up short, losing 24-14. U QB Mark Stevens had thrown four interceptions against BYU in 1983 so he was understandably conservative with the downfield throws in 1984’s matchup and only gained 134 yards passing.

Meanwhile, Fassel had just been hired as USFL team New Orleans Breakers’ offensive coordinator. Breakers’ defensive lineman Jeff Gaylord recalled that the Breakers’ had some issues because his teammates were easily sucked into New Orleans’ drug culture. Cocaine use ran rampant in the locker room and its lure was too much for many of the players who grew up poor. Additionally, Marcus Dupree had been added to the roster despite being under the legal age limit for professional football players and the Superdome sold out to watch Dupree carry the football, Fassel’s specialty, the throw game, was not a priority.

Salt Lake City was a welcome destination for Fassel as he had enjoyed his previous stint as…nah, this full history will have to wait, I’m tired.

Errol Tucker
Female streaker in a snow game

Insert your favorite Jim Fassel Era memories here.

A game against Air Force where it back and forth between, “Yeah, we’re goin’ to win!” to “*********, we’re going to lose!”, eventually losing something like 60-58 or some high score like that.

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I think Mitchell broke an NCAA record for passing yards in a game while losing to Air Force.


620 yards passing for Mitchell that game but Dee Dowis was a 150 lb maniac who led AFA to 640 yards rushing. That was just an insanely disciplined fine-tuned wishbone that game, can’t really defend that if absolutely no mistakes are made. Great effort by Fassel just keeping it close, that was crazy.


It has always amazed me Utah’s problems defending the wishbone.

Basically you run a 6-2 with a walk away. The line needs to stay in its lanes and take away the run. That said the defense has to not overplay anything. When they do, they get torched. Everything is about getting the wishbone team to a third and long. Most don’t throw well, and it gives the defense at a chance for a turnover.

What Dee Dowis did that day was criminal.

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Dee Dowis was one of the greatest college QBs of all time. He torched the WAC & all their opponents every game he played. Sadly, he passed away in a car accident several years ago.


I agree, what Dowis did that day was an insult to humanity, it was brutal.