The issue isn't transfers

It’s the state of the program.

Going to school should educate, a primary goal to graduate. For University sports team, the primary objective is to win. For basketball, its being invited to and winning some NCAA tourney games.

Utah Basketball has as good of infrastructure as any college program. State of the art practice facility, the Huntsman Center. Coaches salary is 14 highest in the country.

From the 40’s until the early 2000’s the runnin redskins/Utes were considered a powerhouse.
If was a thing back then, posts about the BB program would dominate.

Sadly, and the real program killer, how many now care?
SRO when I started attending, curtains above the concourse now. Not a good trend.

Other teams consistently win, and attend the NCAA with fewer assets and bigger challenges. St Mary’s, Butler, Wichita St. for examples.

Well before Majerus the Utes filled their NCAA dancecard almost yearly.

If Larry can’t at least get his team on the dance floor, time to find a better instructor.

The programs who consistently make the NCAA Tournament in our conference have these things called Senior Nights where they honor 2-4 outgoing seniors who spent 4 or 5 seasons polishing their skills and becoming leaders of the program.

Parker Van Dyke is the only four year senior I can remember since Jordan Loveridge.

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