The investments thread

We own a couple single family rental properties in SL county, and are trying to buy another one. For the life of me, I can’t find anything that will cash flow and provide a CoC return anywhere near 7%.

Anyone bought real estate lately that is actually cash flowing without more than 20% down (I prefer to put 15% down).


It’s not a great time to find deals right now. Inventory is low, driving prices up.

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Not much of a real estate guy myself. Honestly, I don’t like to work that hard and I know I wouldn’t want to worry about the repairs, yadda yadda yadda. I’m just too lazy for that.

My long term “safe” money has been killing it in S&P 500 ETFs buying on the dips the last couple years. My more volatile cash has stayed in some value buys that I like and had relative shelter.

Hoop Ute owns some rental property. He might be able to help.

Christmas time is generally the best time to pick up real estate, all other things being equal.

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That’s interesting, I’ll have to keep that in mind because it’s also around when it’s a good time to rebalance investment portfolios in general (end of the year).

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It’s because no one else is looking at that time. Sellers get anxious.

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dump it all into Blue Star airlines

Pioneer Aviation!