The "I Can Never Go Back" thread

Last week my wife pointed out that almost everyone has one eye that is smaller than the other and now I can’t stop seeing it.

This one messed with me a bit.

Teeth do have a unique taste. Your body has simply gotten so used to yours that you don’t notice it anymore.

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Do you see it more out of your bigger eye, or your smaller eye?


It’s simply one of those “Things that once seen cannot be unseen.”

One of Tom Cruise’s teeth is dead center on his face. If you look at a picture of him smiling, you’ll always notice the middle tooth.

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I was thinking about this thread long and hard, because this is the sort of topic that deserves quiet, measured reflection, and I came up with a new theory. There is a reason why we are developing one eye that is becoming more and more of a vestigial organ. Human beings are slowly evolving into cyclopes. Yes, you heard it here first, this is our first stage towards our eventual cycloptic evolutionary destination.

Okay, back to Ute talk.

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Thinks about how large your ears will be if you reach the age of 100

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